SMP Rules

All punishments and rule breakages are the final decision of staff. If something seems like it'd break a rule, please atleast ask beforehand. Use your common sense.



We primarily hand out warnings & mutes. We ban for severe offences, or when the serious rules are broken such as exploiting. Warnings do stack up, don't accumulate too many as we won't tolerate players that are a negative force on our community.

If you are banned and would like to appeal, join our Appeal Discord.



We aim to be a more mature community. Essentially - be respectful. We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, threats, or anything along these lines. Please avoid bringing up considerably controversial topics, opinions, etc. We are a chill community - not the place for complex debates (gender, politics, etc). Don't instigate or continue fights, if staff instruct you to stop or lay off - do so. General swearing is fine when not too harsh and targeted against someone, etc.

Advertising is obviously forbidden. Don't send other servers in chat, invite links, other IPs, etc. If you need to send something like that to another player, it must be in /msg or DMs, and only sent when requested by the other player.

Please keep chat to English. We cannot moderate other languages, and we won't take the effort to continuously translate messages.

TLDR; be mature & friendly and you'll be fine.


Stealing / Griefing

We are not an anarchy server. Stealing & Griefing will not be tolerated - even if it's unclaimed. Don't take or remove blocks from any unclaimed bases without permission from the original owner. If you're not sure if you should touch something, ask staff.

Randomly attacking players is also forbidden - PvP must be agreed upon by both parties.



Abusing any sort of mod that gives you an extreme advantage over other players is forbidden. This can include things like xRay and general hacked clients. This will be caught very quickly by our anticheat and will result in a ban without opportunity for appeal.

If you discovered or become aware of a glitch on the server, such as a duplication glitch not already known (aside from the vanilla dupes like TnT duping), it is your responsibility to report this and keep the exposure of the information down. Hiding this information from us is just as punishable as abusing it.

Netherite Mining - New netherite mining methods have recently come to my attention. Abusing methods to see through lava or anything similar is forbidden and will be punishable. We check players mining activity for this actively. Stick to the regular strip mining and tnt mining (bore machines allowed).

Freecam - this is allowed for convenience things like screenshots of base, checking out farms, etc. It is not allowed for caving. We again monitor for this and is very easy to catch.

General Gameplay

These are a few rules that don't come under any other specific category

Don't give new players items without their explicit consent. We advise against advertising this opportunity in chat too. This can ruin the experience for people.


We aim to have very little restrictions on farms. We ask you be considerate and afk the more lag-intensive farms during off-peak hours, and we reserve the right to deactivate farms that may be causing extremely lag during peak hours. This is saved for a last resort.

We allow TnT, carpet, string & rail duping. Gravity Block (sand, gravel) duping is not allowed.

Please avoid keeping giant captive mob farms. Exceptions can be made for sheep farms, but extremely large chicken farms or other similar food farms will be heavily limited - there are better food sources that don't ruin the server's performance.


Map Regulations
Keep a gap between other players claims where possible. There are many exceptions where this may not be applicable, but intentionally building something obstructive next to someone's base will be removed.

Please keep tunnel boring & other resource gathering activities to the resource worlds.

Please do your best to keep our world pretty. We all share it, and we're going to share it for a while. Clean up your messes, don't leave random netherrack block trails around, etc.

Claims are subject to being automatically removed after extended periods of activity (this is a very generous limit, it will only affect people who are long gone).

Spawn Regulations
Builds must be appropriate. Building a giant penis or offensive symbols will be removed and potentially punishable.

Builds must contain slabbo shops. Building simple cosmetic builds at spawn isn't allowed unless an exception is explicitly made by staff. Plots are reserved for shop space only. (You can include other things in your builds, however the main element should be the shop).