Earth Day Event
mythiccal 23 April 2024 00:37

Happy Earth Day!

This probably seems fairly unusual, we don't usually ping for days/holidays like this - however: I bring news!!
I've been working for a while now to setup the framework to host much more frequent events, and this is the start of that ^_^


The Earth Day Event

This is a new type of event I'll be trialling - Art Maps! You get a canvas, and you can draw anything you'd like, in minecraft!
The theme for this event is: Earth, Nature & Space

There will be three winners, chosen by a staff vote this time. The rewards will include some new fancy perks - from ingame titles to custom join/leave messages! 
The event will conclude on the 30TH of April, get your submissions in before then!


To play the event, simply log onto the SMP & do:  /server event
The event info is accessible ingame or at the link below :)

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