The ChillZone Network SMP was closed down on the 29th of August. It was a decision made by myself, myth.

I will be returning back to School on the 3rd, and due to being in a later year I’ll have a significantly larger amount of work than before, which will also be more important. Unfortunately I cannot maintain ChillZone and provide active updates for you guys whilst managing School and my own Mental Health. As you’ve probably seen from the past year, I’ve really tried to make ChillZone work whilst I was at school, however I just cannot manage the time nor motivation to keep fun and updated.

-mythiccal (announcement explanation)

The server remained online for the next few days before finally closing down.

This was a difficult decision to make however I feel it was better than endlessly trying to maintain ChillZone to no success.

It’s not the end!

We recently made a World Download of the SMP available for you all to check out your own builds and even admire some others. There’s more information on this available on the Discord.

I was also able to secure a low-end server! This means I will be making a view-only version of The ChillZone SMP map available for everyone to explore in spectator. This gives those who cannot install the large world file another way to relive some past memories! I’ll be providing more information on this shortly and hope to have the mentioned server online within 2-3 weeks of this post!

We also kept the Discord and we are becoming a Discord Community! We’ve grown around 40+ members in the past 2 weeks and activity has more than tripled so far.

It was a great 1+ year, we hope you were all able to make good memories and enjoy ChillZone whilst it lasted!

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